środa, 6 marca 2013

Freezing Heart

foto: Magdalena Bilat & Naomi Muras
designer: Agnieszka Warsz
make-up: Katarzyna Kosior
hair: Tomasz Toman
model: Karolina Wala

+ mini-backstage (fot: Magdalena Bilat):

3 komentarze:

  1. You are a professionnal model ?


    Coline ♡

    1. It's hard to say - I don't make money on it and I'm not in any model agency, but it's not only my hobby, I wanna do it in the future as my job. I also come at it very seriously and I try to be as professional as I can. I think that you should answer that question on your own :)

  2. I love your work so much !
    You have a perfect blog

    Thanks for visiting mine :)


    Coline ♡